Xela (ftalex) wrote in lonely_nights,


I'd really appreciate it if you all would help me out and support my Aunt's new album title 'At Last' (in stores November 18th, get more info by going to this web-site) by doing the following. She just called and asked if I would spread the word to my friends and classmates to request her songs on all radio stations, especially one in New York called 106.7 Lite FM. You can do this by going here. Once there, scroll all the way down and look on the left where there is a section called About Lite FM and a sub-catagory called 'Requests'. Please click on this and you'll be brought to a page where you should enter your name, town, e-mail, and age. They will then ask what song and artist you would like...please say a song by Cyndi Lauper called "Till You Come Back To Me". The both of us would really appreciate all your help with this!!! Thanks in advance and spread the word please!!!


p.s. you can get samples of her songs at this web-site.
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