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It's been a while

Errrr...I helped my friend Steve-o move and we all suffered the wrath of BBK. Ummm, I got into Super Mario Bros. hardcore, it's like heroin. One of my friends is currently on everyone's shitlist for choosing weed over friends, not paying his debts, and treating me like crap cause he likes me, but I hang out w/ steve more...or something retarded like that. I had an aweful last weekend because my aunt turned into mecha-cunt and cause a domino-like effect of family feudin'...however, I did get to see my kick-ass cousin who kicks ass...lol, and I did see a cool kid name Brian who I haven't seen in a while. I think he's havin' a hard time, but won't talk about it...a typical Aries trait. Ummm, otherwise, not much has happend. Love to all.
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